Salvete Omnes! Check out this superb beaker from Calix Imperium, can’t wait to order mine! Just click the picture’s below to follow the link...

What The Experts Say…

Adrian Goldsworthy is the highly acclaimed author of many factual Roman titles. The Roma Victrix beaker was designed with the reader in mind, imagine relaxing by the fireside, in the one hand a Goldsworthy book, in the other this highly detailed beaker with your favourite beverage and feeling the excellent articulate engraving around the beaker circumference. All three panels are historically accurate and depict the Roman Legions of the mid I century AD.

Dr Adrian Goldsworthy (highly acclaimed author and historian) says : The designers have done their research well and got things right. all in all a very handsome and well made piece!

Dr Philip Matyszak (highly acclaimed author and historian) says: The detail on the panels is exquisite. The overall effect is both handsome and impressive. Overall, this beaker has proven to be both a highly practical drinking vessel and an ornament to whatever surface it rests on!

Simon Scarrow author of the highly acclaimed eagle series says: Beautifully sculpted it is a very handsome thing! The reason why i particularly like this cup is that it features the men and insignia of the second legion, the unit in which Cato learned how to become a soldier under the affectionate eye of macro! It's a lovely thing and has pride of place on my desk right now!

Calix imperium