Castrum Corcagiensis

Castrum Corcagiensis is a replica Roman army barracks and related facilities. It's built and run by Legion Ireland - The Roman Military Society of Ireland. We use it as a base from which to train and conduct living history experiments. See slide show in the Gallery page.

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We are institutional members of EXARC, the international organisation for experimental archarology..

Rome Needs You!

We are now recruiting for the 2019 campaigning season. If you are interested in Roman reenactment and want to help restore the Roman empire then now is your chance. All equipment provided by the Legion. Contact the recruitment officer at:   or    087-678 0133

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Classical Association of Northern Ireland - Classics Day

We wish to thank our colleagues at the Classical Association of Northern Ireland (CANI) for inviting us along to their classics day at the Ulster Museum. It was a privilege to meet Prof. Mike Scott who probably felt a little uncomfortable among a bunch of strict Catonian Romans.  

Way of the Cross 2019

Our next event is Way of the Cross at Newcastle West, Co. Limerick on Good Friday the 19th of April. The event is now in it’s 12th year and and we look forward to supporting the people of Newcastle West once again.