Castrum Corcagiensis

Castrum Corcagiensis is a replica Roman army barracks and related facilities. It's built and run by Legion Ireland - The Roman Military Society of Ireland. We use it as a base from which to train and conduct living history experiments. See slide show in the Gallery page.

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We are institutional members of EXARC, the international organisation for experimental archarology..

Rome Needs You!

We are now recruiting for the 2019 campaigning season. If you are interested in Roman reenactment and want to help restore the Roman empire then now is your chance. All equipment provided by the Legion. Contact the recruitment officer at:   or    087-678 0133

Battle of the Flags 2019

Our nest event is at Battle of the Flags 2019. This is a reenactor combat competition held at “The Showgrounds”, Curraheen Road, Curraheen, Cork on the weekend of the 9th and 10th of February.

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Classical Association of Northern Ireland - Classics Day

Our second outing "up North" to support our friends in the Classical Association of Northern Ireland. 14th March 2019