About us

Who are Legion Ireland?

We are Legion Ireland – The Roman Military Society of Ireland. Based in Ireland, we are a living history and re-enactment society dedicated to portraying the Roman Army in the first and second century’s A.D. We portray all aspects of military life including the Legionaries, Auxiliaries, Allies of Rome and even the civilians who were part of the Army and its entourage. We use highly accurate reproductions of the equipment and dress of the first century Imperial Army and drill and display through the use of Latin.

Legion Ireland has a formal partnership with Roman Tours. Roman Tours are a UK based professional organisation who run a Roman reenactment and living history group called Deva Victrix, based in Chester, UK. This partnership allows us to share our combined numbers and equipment to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of professional historical services.

What do we do?

We specialise in five major activities:

Historical Reenactment

The Roman army was the greatest fighting force of the ancient world. This involved constant training and adaptation. We demonstrate the drill and formations of the Romans through highly interactive public displays including:

Military Drill: We demonstrate the basic drill of the Roman army marching to battle field formations. Our display is very interactive with the public and we display formations from basic block manoeuvres up to specialised formations such as the Testudo or Tortoise.

Training: The Romans kept their edge through constant training. We demonstrate these training techniques in a series of displays starting with basic exercites leading up to a display of full contact similar and dissimilar combat. Roman combat training involves but Romans fighting Romans and Romans fighting native peoples.

Arms and Armour: We have an extensive collection of highly accurate reproduction Roman arms and armour. We perform arms and armour displays where we demonstrate the every item of a soldier’s equipment from the boots on his feet to the helmet on his head. We demonstrate how these weapons were used and the Romans. We also have Roman artillery such as Scorpiones and Ballista. We show the public how these were designed and constructed and show them in actual use firing bolts and stone balls.

Living History

We bring the daily life of the Roman soldier on campaign to life through living history displays. Our living history displays are designed to give the public an insight into every aspect of a soldier’s life and consist of:

Roman Camp: We have an extensive Roman camp. This consists of troop tents, general purpose awnings, officer’s tents and all the cooking stoves and pots ’n pans that go with an army in the field. Our camp is operated as a living camp and the soldiers live and work just as their ancient counterparts did. The camp and is fully interactive and the public can see what the inside of the tents looked like, how the men slept and how the officers planned and documented everything from battles to daily rations and fatigues.

The Life of a soldier: The daily routine of a Roman soldier in camp was a well structured and repetitive thing. From rising in the morning, guard duty, training and patrols his day was organised and tightly controlled. Our soldiers take members of the public through the camp explaining this daily routine in human terms and how it affected the soldiers.

Military Diet: A Roman soldier did not have a diet as we understand it today. The soldier ate twice a day and was issued with some standard rations, but for the most part the diet varied with the season and whatever the army could resource locally. We display the varied nature of such an ancient diet including some of the food stuffs commonly issued to the soldier, and how this food was collected and stored. We cook traditional field meals using only authentic ingredients and give the public a sense of what ancient food looked and tasted like.

Medicine and Surgery: The Roman army operated a sophisticated medical system which delivered a very high level of medical care to its soldiers. After the fall of the Roman Empire, it was not until the Napoleonic wars that armies once again attained this level of medical care. We have a large collection of Roman surgical instruments and treatments. We display and explain each of these instruments and show the public the various herbs and medicines the army used.

Roman Technology

The Romans are famous for the exploits of the army. None of this would have been possible without a highly organised logistical system. This system relied on a sophisticated road, water and communication infrastructure without which the empire could not be maintained. We display many aspects of Roman technology from the materials and construction of the arms and armour, civil and hydraulic engineering and surveying tools to fort design and construction.`


Education is the core of what we do. Our mission is to bring knowledge of the Roman army to the public through all our activities. Apart from what is listed before, we offer the following services:

Lectures and Presentations: We regularly present talks and demonstrations to colleges and public groups on all aspects of Rome and the ancient world. These talks span subjects from the foundation of the army and its structure to the logistics of the army in the high empire. We can tailor any presentation to suite a particular subject or audience.

School Visits: We regularly visit schools to talk about the Roman army and demonstrate equipment. These visits vary from a single soldier giving a talk and displaying his equipment to larger groups of soldiers running student activities.

Community Activities: Legion Ireland is a community based organisation and helping the wider community is important to us. We regularly participate in community events and festivals and specialise in children’s activities such as “Childrens Roman Army”.

Media and Film Work

Legion Ireland has been in a number of films and documentaries, both in Ireland and the UK. We are available for film or TV work where Roman soldiers, equipment or props are required as we are one of the only Roman groups in Europe that can offer the full spectrum of equipment and soldiers. We also have done radio interviews and presentations.

Corporate Events

Legion Ireland offers a number of corporate services. These services vary from team building days, appearances at corporate events and party’s and providing entertainment such as gladiator combat displays.

Our Clients

Legion Ireland works regularly for the following clients:

Full References can be provided on request.

Contact Us

If you’re interested in any of our activities or services, or in becoming a member then contact:

Email: info@romanarmy.ie

Phone: +353 (0)87 678 0133

Web: www.romanarmy.ie